Alcohol Home Detox- What Are The Benefits?

  1. More Affordable

While a programme locally can be quite costly to some, a professionally managed at-home, medically assisted detox treatment can be a lot more cost effective. This makes it a more affordable option for people who may not necessarily be able to afford the more costly amounts.

   2. Less Disruption

Detoxing in the comfort of your own home allows the individual to continue with their responsibilities including childcare and even work throughout the process If they are able to. This causes less disruption to their daily life and removes many of the barriers that may prevent someone from seeking help.

    3. Familiar Environment

Many people choose to detox from alcohol at home as they feel more comfortable in safe, familiar surroundings. Undergoing a detoxification programme can seem intimidating, particularly if feelings of anxiety surface as part of the withdrawal process.

    4. Time Frame

An alcohol home detox will take 7-10 days with the first 72 hours being the most crucial. This is due to the risk associated with seizure and withdrawal being at their peak. A comprehensive support plan and medically assisted detox will be put in place to ensure your safety and comfort throughout.

    5. Support From The Team. 

If you choose to follow the recommended advice and consult the medical professionals at UK Detox to assist in your at-home alcohol detox, we will work with you to create a personalised schedule. This will take into account many factors including age, gender, addiction history and any pre-existing health conditions. Our team will support and guide you every step of the way ensuring safety and comfort throughout. How does that sound? 

    6. Aftercare.

At UK Detox we understand that recovery does not stop at a detox. In fact, afterwards is when the hard work starts. Relapse prevention is paramount and an understanding of self needs to be developed. We are able to signpost you to relevant services including counselling, therapy and an introduction to mutual aid. We will agree an aftercare plan with you both pre and post detox to identify areas of struggle to help us create a structured plan for yourself or your loved one.

At UK Detox we also provide family support throughout, aftercare and recovery plans, emotional support, signposting to relevant services and have a medical team on board. 

We are a premier service with an extremely high success rate, offering those battling with an addiction the opportunity to get clean and sober and live a successful life. We are living proof that it is achievable and now we are here to help you on your journey into recovery. Change your story, change your life.

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