All our rehabilitation services for you or a loved one come with full aftercare and ongoing support to help them with their drug and alcohol addiction. This is a major part of the the whole process and guards against complacency and relapse. Whether it is a program of checking back in with the rehabilitation or detox clinic a few days a week for sustained support or a program of in-community counselling and support groups we make sure that the individual always has a network around them.

Aftercare - Dry house supported living Treatment

Dry house supported living Aftercare

Once you have undergone treatment and have made the first steps to changing your life we ensure all the support is there to help you move forward into sustained and long-term recovery. Through our CQC registered affiliated dry houses you’ll be supported through your recovery by your allocated support worker, who will develop a support plan with you to help you return to independent living. This accommodation will provide a perfect “bridge to normal living” and give you a safe and controlled environment to enable you to further strengthen your recovery, widen your recovery network and access all the help and support you need to become totally independent.

most common addiction counselling


We offer a full range of counselling from CBT to Psychoanalytic to bolster your recovery arsenal and enable you to continue to work towards the person you want to become. Our highly qualified and experienced counsellors, well versed in dealing with addiction, are a great tool to use to help achieve long term recovery.
Meet one of our counsellors:

My name is Christy I would like to take this opportunity to offer you a safe and confidential space
where you can work through issues you may be finding difficult. A place where judgement will be
suspended and movement towards the kind of person you would like to be can be facilitated.
My training is in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and Counselling which is a therapy that offers
people a means to examine and improve how they interact with themselves, others and the world. I have 8 years of experience working with individuals and groups. Specialising working with people struggling with addiction.
Reaching potential and being able to grow should be available to everyone. Offering people, the opportunity to develop coping skills to manage the ups and downs of life is important. If you are finding coping difficult and would like some help please feel free to contact me.

My names Michael I have been alcohol free for the last 17 years. In that time, I have been in the in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, a facilitator for S.M.A.R.T. (self-management and recovery training) a Three Principles Trainer and have obtained several accredited counselling courses.

I have facilitated hundreds of groups in addiction centres, prisons, charities, and businesses. I have been honoured to share and hear their stories of addiction and anxiety. By listening to and sharing these experiences with them I was able to develop my own training programme called J.A.T. (just a thought)

J.A.T. (just a thought) is based on the understanding that it is not people or events (life) outside of ourselves that cause us so much anxiety and unhappiness but our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about life (our perception). Thoughts and feelings that we are creating and can choose to change.

When people understand how we create our experience of life from the inside out through our own thoughts, we tend not to take our thinking to seriously, our minds slow down, we reconnect with life and our overall wellbeing improves.

I spend most of my free time deepening my knowledge on the human condition. I am always searching for ways to let people know they are ok, and it is only the innocent misuse of our own thoughts that stops us seeing this. Through the programme we can experience insights, realise the true nature of thought and find peace is our natural state.

Hi my Name is Tom,

I have a vested interest in addiction treatment and have worked in the field for over a decade, working in residential and community based treatment services. I am part of the aftercare recovery for UK Detox. I offer a safe space, offering specialist addiction treatment counselling for those in aftercare, having completed residential treatment programmes, requiring additional community based support.

I am also responsible for the policy implementation and development at UK Detox assisting and supporting services requiring policy development and training needs analysis and advice.

Hi, my name is Angela,

There is no one right way to recover from alcoholism or addiction. With over 15 years’ experience as a Life Coach in this field I have worked with hundreds of clients supporting them to navigate their way through recovery and have also written, developed and delivered many programmes to support independent living. As an accredited Executive Coach and having studied counselling and psychotherapy my coaching style is integrative and draws on different therapeutic practices depending on your needs. Ultimately my role is in helping those with addiction find or stay in reputable recovery or detox treatments, develop self-awareness, get motivated to change, and ultimately sustain a useful and productive recovery programme. Taking the first steps into recovery or in maintaining your recovery, I work to help you develop an ongoing recovery action plan as we set short-, medium- and longer-term goals and a plan of how these can be achieved.

Coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems within them. With coaching I can also support you strengthen relationship dynamics, building relationships and mediation with family and friends who are often unsure how to intervene, walking them through the steps of the recovery process.