1. Call your sponsor, your best friend, or a family member: You have positive people in your life rooting for you! They are here to help keep you on track. You got this!
  2. Read a book: Get lost in a great book and live inside the mind of a character’s thoughts. Be them for a while.
  3. Go for a run: Nothing feels better than that adrenaline building up and working up a sweat. You will feel amazing afterwards, I promise! Get those running sneakers on.
  4. Drink a cup of coffee
  5. : Soothing and tasty. Maybe even add a cookie in there. Treat yourself!
  6. Listen to your favorite song on repeat: There’s nothing wrong with dancing around your room and jammin’ out to your favorite song. Sounds perfect to me.
  7. Go to the cinema: Is there a movie that you have been wanting to see? Sunday afternoon sounds like a good day for a matinee. Wouldn’t you agree?
  8. Take a long walk: Look at the sky. Feel the wind hit your face. Wake up early enough to see the sunrise or take a walk after dinner to watch the sun set.
  9. Mediate: Close your eyes and breathe. Put all your cares and worries aside.
  10. Yoga: Yoga has so many health benefits! It improves your stress levels, increases flexibility, and helps your breathing. Go buy that yoga mat!
  11. Bowling: Date night or with a group of friends. It’s a pastime that all ages can enjoy.
  12. Go for a drive with no destination: Put your radio up as loud as you can or listen to your favourite album. Driving around and listening to music with no destination sounds pretty therapeutic to me.
  13. Cook: Have fun in the kitchen and cook up your favourite meal! If you’re not the ultimate chef- find a recipe, and follow it.
  14. Draw or write: Use your imagination.
  15. Sing: Your heart out! Learn the words to a new song and make a cover on Youtube. Or, write your own original song.
  16. Road trip: Being stuck in the same place can get boring. Get a group of friends together and go on a weekend road trip. There’s so much to see.
  17. Learn an instrument: Have you been dying to learn how to play the guitar, but you never got around to it? Do it.
  18. Go to a concert: Seeing your favourite band live in concert is almost as good as pizza. Almost.
  19. Shopping: Did someone say shopping spree? Buy yourself a new outfit and treat yourself.
  20. Binge watch your favourite tv show or find a series: Did someone say Netflix?
  21. Take a bath: With or without bubbles, your choice! Talk about complete and total relaxation. Bring a book in with you, listen to music, or just close your eyes, light a candle, let your muscles relax and let go of your tension.

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