On October 13th one of the UK Detox representatives came to my house after my wife had made contact with them without my knowledge, little did I now that this would be the start of my life in sobriety.

He understood me straight away and explained my options clearly and openley. Offering advice and understanding as well as some hard truths he explained that there was a bed in a detox a rehabilitation centre ready for me and offered to take me, however at that moment I didn’t want to go so he suggested I think it over and decide over the coming days.

He understood me because he had been there himself explaining to me that he wasn’t going to drink today, but couldn’t say that about tomorrow and to take every day one step at a time. He helped me see that I was powerless over alcohol and my life was unmanageable and to live in the day. I didn’t understand most of it but he said it would come in time, showing me nothing but care and compassion.

Then he suggested I do my meetings with AA and get involved in the fellowship, putting just as much effort into this as I did my drinking.
He put me on the path, pointed me in the right direction and off I went with the comfort of knowing he’s only a phone call away.

Six months ago I started my journey and all I’ve done is what’s suggested. I put work into the program with honesty, open mind/heart and willingness.
I do my regular meetings, have a sponsor and I’m going through the steps.
Today I don’t have any compulsion or obsession for alcohol. I’ll still have the occasional thought but knowing what I do today and accepting I’m an alcoholic that’s all these are. Slowly and surely I’ve progressed and my life has changed so much by following a simple program and the most amazing thing is that unlike alcohol it’s free and the love, support and guidance is astounding. I had no faith or hope and couldn’t see any other future but drinking till my dying day.

Yes , fortunately I didn’t need detox or rehabilitation but I’ve also realised that it’s not the stopping of alcohol but the work we have to do on a daily basis to be given a daily reprieve from our addiction that is really so important.
For someone who drank 24/7 and couldn’t see a way out of the hole I’m so grateful and appreciative for everything and everyone who’s been with me on my journey since that first day and will always be with me as long as I reach out and give back.

From a stranger visiting me for a couple of hours I would never have thought I’d be here today, not just not drinking but sober with different thoughts and perspective on my life.

Today I owe my life to UK Detox and AA and most importantly my god of my understanding who put these people and things in my path and for giving me the desire and willingness to accept, believe and change.

D, 42

I am a Mother of an addict, I struggle to use this term as it has taken me a long time to accept that this is the case. Life for myself as well as my daughter became unbearable, she and I had both suffered throughout the years and change was needed.

Sophie had battled drug addiction for all of her adult life, the toll it had taken on her was drastic and we were all living in a constant fear that we would lose her to this dreadful illness.

I cannot begin to tell you the strain that it put on our whole family, I was bringing up Sophie’s son and I nearly lost my marriage. I would do anything to help her but there was only so much that I could do and I felt at breaking point.

I contacted UK Detox at a final last attempt to seek help, as we had had many failed detoxes previously and was greeted with nothing but kindness reassurance and an action plan of what we could do moving forwards. Having somebody that was easy to contact and so forth coming was exactly what we needed and I felt so positive after the phone calls that we had.

Sophie was admitted to a rehab where I experienced the best day of my life, the relief this gave us that she was in the best place possible gave us massive hope.

After Sophie was admitted for treatment, I realised that I too was left with insecurities and felt completely lost and broken. I too needed some help. I then contacted UK Detox again where I was advised that this was all too common and that it would benefit me to speak with a trained professional. I was put in touch with a brilliant therapist where I felt free to talk about where Sophies addiction had also taken me and learned to develop new ways to cope. This was a great decision for me and would do it all over again if I could.

Sophie is now clean from drugs, she has ongoing and continued support and even though we are still relatively at the start of our journeys, faith has been restored.

The staff at UK Detox are absolutely excellent and I would thoroughly recommend this service to anybody seeking help. It has changed our lives.

Cecilia 62

Our daughter had been battling with addiction for 14 years- so had we! Our family were in constant despair.

We honestly in a million years did not think we could do anything else, after failed attempts in detox and another rehab.

I can remember the night as if it were yesterday, when I was searching the internet yet again and came across UK Detox. It was late on a Sunday evening and I needed to speak to someone.

I spoke to Amos- my prayers were answered. Amos was incredible and passionate about helping our daughter. He is immensely knowledgeable and gave us hope.

Amos drove 4 hours to visit our daughter and within a week she was admitted to a rehab. Then the miracle began.

We cannot put into words the gratitude and respect that we have for everyone’s involvement in our daughter’s recovery- she is now 22 months clean!

All through her treatment we have stayed in touch with Amos.

Thank you Amos- we owe our daughters life to you and may your wonderful work continue.

Alison 56

My name is Satbinder and I am aged 43. I have been using drugs off and on for years as well as drinking alcohol. My life seemed ruined and I did not have much hope for my future.

I had not been to rehab before and just thought that it would not be for me. My family were not talking to me and I had never felt more alone. My life was literally just waking up using and drinking and doing whatever I needed to do to get money for more. Then the next day, same cycle. I do not know how much longer I could have gone on for.

Luckily I found some inner strength to seek help, I was at my witts end. I came across UK Detox and decided to give them a call on the off chance that they may be able to help me. I spoke to a man called Joe which went really smoothly and I was surprised at the options available for me.

I was booked within 24 hours for a face to face assessment where I was introduced to a very pleasant man Amos, he could instantly relate to me and I felt that I could be open about what was going on with my life. This was probably the first time in my life that I felt I could talk like this in an honest way and it felt so refreshing. For once I was doing something positive for myself and not staying in limbo.

Together we made the move to admit me into rehab within the next two weeks, I remember being able to phone my family with this good news, I had not spoken with them in nearly a year. They were so happy and this made me even more determined to see things through.

In rehab I did both a drug and alcohol detox, I felt fully supported and knew that I was going to be okay. After a few weeks my family came to visit me, this was a massive breakthrough for me and for them. They were so relieved and so was I. I will never forget that day when I first saw them again.

UK Detox, no doubt, saved my life, I also received after care and felt confident to phone them whenever needed. Call these people if you or a family member are stuck in drug or alcohol addiction, it may just be the best decision you have ever made. I know it was mine.

Satbinder 43

Being the sister of an addict we were in a bad place where we had to accept we needed professional assistance. A member of the team met me in a cafe and literally answered all my prayers and promised to support and rehabilitate my brother. They have brought me my brother back; someone we thought we’d lost and have supported myself and my family every step of the way also. Helping us understand addiction by educating us on how to be the best support network possible for the person we love and are so proud of. It is so daunting realising you require professional help and then even more daunting trying to choose the best form for your loved one. I have never felt more confident of my decision with UK Detox.

Grace 25

My name is Rash age 43. I come from Sikh family from London. I am a recovering alcoholic now. I had been drinking for over 20 years. On the 19 May 2020, I was 10 months sober which is a amazing feeling and I would not change now. I was first introduced to Amos one for the UK Detox team in June 2019, he came to my home and told me about his journey in recovery from where he was to where he is now. It was very touching what he told me about his journey, however at that time I was not ready to stop drinking . In July 2019 I hit rock bottom and I made that phone call to Amos to let him know I had enough and I need help and I want to go rehab. Amos reached out to me by picking me up from my home in London and took me to rehab in the midlands. Throughout my stay in rehab, he supported me and always made sure I was ok. He always updated my wife and she also felt he is very supportive to me and my family. Even today I know he is just a phone call away if I need him. I regularly attend AA meetings and reach out to other alcoholics like Amos reached out to me and passed the message on.

Rash 43

I am 32 years old and was in active addiction for 14 years. During this time I had made many attempts at getting clean but unable to maintain long-term recovery.

I was desperate beyond belief with a constant battle of my obsession to use drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. The physical dependency I had with heroin and the mental compulsion I had to use more crack cocaine had taken its toll on my body, mind and spirit. I was extremely malnourished with health complications, lost custody of my only son and slept and spent most of my time in stairwells of car parks. I used heavily on the shame and guilt that I carried around, constantly blocking any reality I may have to face. I just could not stop. There was no limit to what I would do to get my next fix, often to the detriment of others. Any morals and values I had been taught and developed growing up held an irrelevance against the severe prominence of my addiction.

After doing some research online, my mum came across somebody who was willing to help. His name was Amos form UK Detox. This man travelled the distance of three hours to visit me, talk and complete an assessment. It gives me goosebumps to write this as he had a massive hand in saving my life. I now know that there are very kind people out there who genuinely care about the wellbeing of other addicts and will go to any lengths to help another.

Amos talked to me with a level of understanding that I found almost impossible to seek in others. It was also explained to me that there was a way out and a detox and intense rehab facility would be the way forward.
A week later I travelled the distance to the West Midlands on my way to rehab. I felt scared, I had never really left my hometown and spent time away from my family. However I had a desire to stop using and knew in my heart that I was making the right decision. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always easy and this was by far the hardest choice I had ever made. I was giving myself a chance and if nothing changes then nothing changes.

I endured a 3 week detox and was originally admitted for a 3 month rehabilitation program. I was blessed to work with a fantastic therapist and after a few therapy sessions it became apparent and was indicated that due to the depths that I went to and events experienced that a 6 months program would be more suited, giving me sufficient time to work on myself, find myself and refocus my direction on what was important and of value to myself. What a gift.
During my time in rehab, Amos kept in regular contact with my Mum, updating him on my progress. The time that he had given to me was held in high regard to my family.

After my 6 months in rehab, I went into dry house living with other recovering addicts. I saw Amos straight away, he couldn’t believe the transformation I had made and it was lovely for him to see me making progress in my life.

I now volunteer in drug and alcohol groups and at a women’s aid organisation for domestic violence. Everything that I took for granted before I am getting back. I am moving into my own home, getting my driving licence back and most importantly I have my son in my life who is extremely proud, as my family are. The emotion that this inflicts within me is like no other, it’s beautiful.

I am still and will continue to stay on regular contact with Amos and will always be so grateful for him and the input he has had. I feel blessed.

Having the opportunity to take responsibility for myself and my addiction, although challenging, has been the most amazing and empowering experience for myself and my family. I am now coming up to 11 months clean and view myself and my life drastically different. I know my worth and I know my value and I will continue to take the strength and commitment from those around me, for they have seen the light in which I have so long searched for.

Lauren, 32

I’ll never forget the last time I thought I would see Lauren. It was a warm, sunny evening and I had just come home to get ready for a work party. I walked around the back of my house to see Lauren charging her phone in the kitchen. She looked so ill, like she had no life left in her, but I had just lost all hope and I remember looking at her and feeling no emotion. After 10 plus years of what only can be described as complete torture, for Lauren, for my family and for myself, I had become numb towards her.

It seemed ,like a never ending cycle of abuse, lies, rehab and ultimately false hope. There’s only so many times I could watch somebody not only ruin their own life, but all of those who you love most dearly and I had given up.

A few weeks go by and I am sat with my Mum at home. She begins to tell me about a potential new rehab programme for Lauren, how this one would be different and this time would work. I had heard it countless times before and took no notice….
Two years on, I have a sister back. I will never be able to put into words just how remarkable her transformation has been. I am absolutely positive that if she had carried on the way she was going for another month, she wouldn’t be here now. We will never be able to replace all of the things that we lost, but we have Lauren back and that is the most important thing of all.

Jordan 26

I am a twenty nine year old mother who has battled drink and drug addiction for seven years, I had drank socially previously to my dependency escalating and was seeking a confidential service to give me a fresh start. I was introduced to UK Detox through a friend who had also used their service a year previously and I was not let down! In fact I felt so pleased that somebody understood my circumstances and could provide me with what was suited to me.

I did a home detox after going through a thorough assessment with the staff at UK Detox who visited me. I wanted to keep my situation discreet and was reassured that the only people notified of what was to come was my doctor. This was perfect for me and I was ready for it.

I was really impressed by the 24 helpline support service and I made full use of this! I also knew that I needed to put things in place for after my detox as my recovery does not end there. I was advised to try a local AA group which I love going to, it is also confidential and gives me a chance to talk about my feelings and struggles, something that I thought I would never do!

The UK Detox staff were so encouraging and I cannot emphasise enough how comfortable I felt. They have followed up after care calls with me as they said that they would and I would absolutely recommend this service to anybody struggling. UK Detox is the way forward!!

Maria 29

My name is Ian and I have been drinking alcohol since I was 15. I am now 54. I developed a dependency in my thirties and now know how that I was also mentally dependent which was the part that I most struggled with. I couldn’t seem to go a day without a drink, let alone give it up completely. I needed help and came across the UK Detox website. I hadn’t really spoken to anybody about my problems and had found it hard to admit I needed help. I immediately felt at ease and came off of the phone call feeling good about myself. I have been in and out of recovery for years and

A man called Amos came out to visit me to do an assessment which was nerve racking but

it was necessary to get my life back on track. The visit went so well and felt assured and confident about what I needed to do and where I was going.

I went to a rehab a couple of hours from my home as I really wanted to get out of my area. I found the association difficult and needed to make changes that I had never made before. I had been in and out of recovery for years so we decided that a rehab facility was the best option for me.

Rehab was overwhelming at first but I soon started to find my feet. I went through a detox and then decided it was best for me to stay in the facility for three months.

I was really impressed with the staff at UK Detox and the approach they took with me, I had many options explained to me and helped me to find what was generally best for me. I keep in touch with them now with my progress and they are always there if I just need a chat.

I found it inspiring how they too had been on a similar path to me and were willing to share their experience with me. It showed me that it is possible for any one of us to be in my position and to get recovery.

Thank you to the staff at UK Detox.

Ian 54

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