Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centres Near Me

At UK Detox we help people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse or addiction issues find the best rehab centres in the UK. Whether you’re looking for an ‘alcohol rehab near me,’ ‘drug rehab near me,’ ‘home detox,’ ‘detox near me,’ ‘drug rehabilitation centre near me,’ or even ‘drug and alcohol rehab near me,’ we’ve got you covered. 

UK Detox offers a wide selection of rehabs and detox facilities to choose from. Our goal is to help you or your loved one find an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre that offers a program that best suits your needs including alcoholism rehab centres, drug rehab centres and dual diagnosis rehabs. We do this by providing a large selection of treatment centres that offer the full continuum of addiction care including detox centres, residential treatment facilities, counselling and psychotherapy, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient programs. Start on the road to recovery and let us help you find an addiction rehab today!

At UK Detox we work ethically and pride ourselves on working with cost effective rehabs around the country. We provide an assessment either face to face or on the phone at no additional cost to the client. Our assessment consists of collecting information about yourself which helps us determine which rehab centre or detox plan would be right for your needs and circumstances. Identifying which treatment plan is correct for you is what we do best and you can be sure to have more than satisfactory service.

At UK Detox we also provide family support throughout, aftercare and recovery plans, emotional support, signposting to relevant services and have a medical team on board. 

We are a premier service with an extremely high success rate, offering those battling with an addiction the opportunity to get clean and sober and live a successful life. We are living proof that it is achievable and now we are here to help you on your journey into recovery. Change your story, change your life.


  1. Mansor Fathollahi

    Hi I’m addiction for 3months to crack cocaine and heroine and I want to stop it can you please give me some information about how to stop and how Mach costs and how many days take time please.thank you

    • Amandeep Dhami

      Hi Mansoor,

      Please either send a message or ring our number to discuss further.



  2. Elly Cherrington

    I’m looking for somewhere for my mum to get an alcohol detox?

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